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Your child's pre-school education starts with “Community”

Children in School

Early Childhood and Preschool Learning Center

Junior’s Junction Should Be Your Choice Among Daycare Learning Centers

Some Daycare learning centers have it and some do not. Fanciful decor and high prices are not the gateway to building a community where children feel loved, cared for, and respected as maturing individuals who sometimes make mistakes.

Junior’s Junction has become like a family to me. My daughter Riley has been here since she was 6 weeks old. They take the time to know your child on an individual basis. Most important is the stable, consistent core staff and the community that you feel. – Lisa Browne (Daughter: Riley, 3rd Grade)

Daycares are everywhere, therefore parents can experience a difficult decision in choosing which daycare center would be the best choice for their family.

Child Doing Art Activity

Primary Considerations In Choosing A Daycare Learning Center

From infant care, toddler, preschool daycare to after school programs, selection of a daycare center can be stressful.

In order to make a confident decision there are several factors to examine.

At Junior’s Junction daycare learning center, we feel it comes down to seven (7)  primary considerations.


In addition to our secure access code only entrance, we practice monthly our Emergency Preparedness Plan which includes fire drills and severe weather drills. Evacuation and relocation plans are posted in every room throughout the center to ensure safe exit.  We also spend time following each drill to discuss with the children the purpose of the drill to further their understanding and help eliminate any possible fears.


What is the certification that some have and what is the ongoing training that the center provides?


We encourage Parents to stop by, no appointment is necessary. When you visit, it is quite apparent that our little clients (children) are happy and very engaged in age-appropriate activities.  Communication between our Parents and Staff are paramount. We are always available for a face-to-face personal meeting or personal phone call with the requested staff member or teacher.


“Age Appropriate” is very important when it comes to children’s literature, toys, playtime, and classroom displays including artwork, class project information, and other related activities.  Of course “cleanliness” is inherent with all of our activities and instruction.


We are located in Riverbend Office Park, less than three minutes from E. Loop 820 N.


Very affordable but what is more important is what money cannot buy…”Our Community”. We as Staff Members, Teachers, and Parents always want to put forth the happiness and emotional security of our children while they develop social, motor, and cognitive  skills.


All of our field trips, after school programs, and summer camp activities we support with necessary transportation.

Junior’s Junction Daycare Center provide daily elementary school transportation to local schools when in session where we have a high concentration of students.

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